7 Fruits That Will Complement Your Skincare Routine

Beyond your skincare products and routine, what you eat also affects your skin – and overall health. So, to get a wholesome result from your therapies and time, it is best that you make the most of nutrition.

For that reason, we have itemised 7 fruits containing essential nutrients that will further improve your skin. We believe eating these fruits will contribute immensely to the overall effectiveness of your skincare aids.

But before we delve into the list, what are the benefits of eating fruits?

Why Should You Eat Fruits?


Fruits Let You Stay Hydrated

One of the reasons you develop wrinkles fast is how soon your skin becomes dry. It starts once the water leaves the surface – the itching and sweat also commence.

Unfortunately, the more water you lose, the more wrinkles you tend to develop. Naturally, the solution, and the best of such, is to drink enough water. But just how much can you take?

The chances are that you don’t even enjoy plain and tasteless liquids to start. If that’s you, don’t worry; take fruits!

Fruits are delightful sources of water, and that qualifies them as perfect aids to keep your body hydrated. For example, apples contain up to 86% water, and watermelons have higher percentages at 92%.

In essence, taking any fruit can help you to meet daily water intake requirements. When you do, you will have flushed and flawless skin.

Fruits Keep Diseases At Bay

Besides containing a great degree of water, fruits, especially the ripe kinds, also have numerous antioxidants. The best part, each fruit contains a unique range of antioxidants that are good for your body.

Perhaps you are wondering how all that reduces the risk of diseases. Let’s explain!

Antioxidants are bio-chemicals that combine and neutralise dangerous elements in the body known as free radicals. The said radicals are unstable in nature and are often the agents of body ailments – especially cancers.

In summary, when you eat lots of fruits often, you will automatically equip your body with a rich supply of antioxidants. With such aids, you will spend less money and time visiting the sickbed.

Fruits Contain Dietary Fibres

If you have ever thought of weight loss, it is high time you stocked your fruit storage. Unlike carb meals, fruits are rich in fibre content.

Thanks to that, fruits aid digestion and help you burn your foods fast. Besides, fibres are low-calorie nutrients that also fit your fitness plan.

Besides weight loss, the fibre in fruits helps your heart. It does that by reducing the cholesterol in your blood and circulatory system as a whole.

Now, you understand the benefits of eating fruits, let’s help you handpick the best ones for your skin. Have a look!

7 Skin-friendly Fruits That Will Complement Your Skincare



One of our top picks is avocados. These delightful fruits help to improve the moisture of the skin. But that’s not all.

Avocados contain healthy fats that help to make the skin flexible and supple. And the best part: this fruit has a UV-protection feature – thanks to its Vitamin C and E.

In essence, eating avocados will protect your skincare oils from the harshness of the sun. That means you will suffer no water loss or wrinkles.


This fruit, like avocados, is another rich source of Vitamin C. In addition to C, cucumber also contains Vitamin K. And with those two nutrients, you can expect glowing skin soon.

Besides vitamins, cucumbers contain lots of water. Thanks to that, your skin will stay hydrated and flushed.

Overall, you will suffer fewer wrinkles and fine lines when you eat cucumber frequently. While you are at it, you can use the fruit to reduce the dark circles around your eyes.


If you are familiar with skincare ingredients, you will know that lemons are one of the mainstays. You will find extracts of this fruit in products ranging from creams to even lotions.

That said, lemon is quite popular with skin faithful, and it is all down to its Vitamin C content. With the compound, this fruit reduces instances of scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Overall, the nutrients in lemons shade your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. By doing so, the fruit is a perfect aid to reduce wrinkles and preserve your skin’s tone.


Besides being tasty, oranges are delightful sources of fibre. They aid digestion and reduce the risk of heart complications.

Furthermore, oranges contain beta carotene. The said component is a convertible that changes to Vitamin A once it gets to the body.

The beauty of beta carotene surpasses its provitamin A functions. This compound acts as a sunblock and prevents dehydration. Also, it adds a shade of orange to your skin.

Overall, your skin will appear young, fresh, and bright. And isn’t that what you have always wanted!


If you want a chewable fruit that also doubles as a skincare aid, try pineapples. These fruits are very rich in essential nutrients. Some of such nutrients include Vitamin A, C and K.

Besides the vitamins, pineapples contain an anti-inflammatory compound known as bromelain. Beautifully, bromelain also has some healing properties.

In essence, pineapples will not only protect your skin but also repair its wound. That way, you will reduce dark spots and have a clean body.

Red Grapes

Another exciting fruit you should consider for your skin is the red grape. This delight is particularly effective against aging. How?

Red grapes contain a multifunctional compound known as resveratrol. With that, this fruit reduces the effects of aging.

In the process of reducing aging, resveratrol also combats the free radicals in your body. By doing that, the chemical compound limits the likeliness of diseases.


Our list is not complete without the succulent, cholesterol-free, fat-free and tasty watermelon. And as you can tell from the name, this fruit contains enormous water content.

So, you have found an alternative to drinking several gallons of water daily. But still drink water!

Besides water, watermelon contains dietary fibre that will reduce constipation and clogs from your skin. Combine the two effects, and you will soon reach a fresh and supple body.

Furthermore, watermelon contains four vitamins: A, B1, BY, and C. With those compounds, know that the fruit will protect your skin from UV rays.

Lastly, watermelons contain a compound known as Lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that combats tissue-damaging free radicals in your body. You can say that it also aids skin longevity.


So, that marks the end of our skin-friendly fruit list. We will advise you to stock your fridge with our recommendations.

But, remember that fruits alone can’t get you fast results. That said, you will need to buy safe skincare products like the ones we have here at Phyt’s.

So, go through our collection and see which one fits your needs!