Phyt’sublim Eye Contour – Targeted Eye Area Facial


Skin Type: Eye contour area, all skin types

Aim: Hydrate Contour Area, Reduce Dark Circles and Puffiness

Relax, rejuvenate and refresh your eye area. This treatment is composed of a series of rhythmic draining and decongesting movements combining treatment and relaxation. A concentrated serum with active ingredients is applied and followed up by an invigorating creamy balm that smooths the eye contour area. Finally, an anti-fatigue peel-off emulsion mask is applied. The eye contour area is instantly relaxed, decongested and fresh.

Active Ingredients

  • Phyto-Actif Regard Complex® (a proprietary blend of 5 plant extracts)
  • Plant derived hyaluronic acid


  • The eye contour area is looking relaxed, decongested and refreshed.
  • Independent study shows (*):
    72% improvement of dark circles
    63% reduced puffiness
    77% eye contour area looks fresher
    68% eye contour area is smoother
    77% eye contour area is decongested

    *Study carried out on 22 women aged 18 to 50 by self-assessment questionnaire collected after 28 days. 2 daily applications, morning and evening on eye contour area


6 week-treatment (one treatment per week)

Maintenance: Once a month

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