Instant Radiance Men’s Facial


Skin Type: Men’s skin including dull, tired and shiny

Aim: Detoxify, Balance and Energise

Conscious of the specific needs of men’s skin, PHYT’S has created a unique facial treatment, leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

The PHYT’S Men’s Treatment is an oxygenating, de-stressing facial, suiting all male skin types and perfect for devitalized and dull complexions. While this treatment focuses on refreshing and detoxifying the skin, it also works on relaxation and well-being.

After a welcoming massage targeting the shoulders, neck and head, the facial starts with a skin cleansing and exfoliation to prepare the face. It continues with a relaxing massage performed on the face and neck area with a rebalancing serum. A purifying mask is then applied on the face, neck and lips. The treatment ends with the application of a wrinkle-minimizing cream, Soin Anti-Rides.

Active Ingredients

  • Aloe ferox
  • ginseng
  • mint
  • Camphor


  • Purified skin
  • Refreshed complexion
  • Refined and tightened skin texture


6 week-treatment (one per week)

Maintenance: Once a month

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