Our Story

In 2022 PHYT’S is celebrating 50 years of history. Today, the brand is considered one of the greatest achievements in 100% natural and organic cosmetics in France. The choice to go green goes back to the very origin of the brand when, in 1972 Jean-Paul Llopart, a naturopath and biologist, and Rosanne Verlé, a beautician, created Phyt’s (Phytal) born from a dream and vision of developing a skincare range made entirely with natural ingredients and without the use of any preservatives. It was an extremely innovative approach at the time.

From the onset, the brand wanted to focus and support forward-thinking Beauty Institutes. The founders coined the notion of “Naturo-Esthetique®” (holistic aesthetic) a concept that is now well known and regarded in Europe.

Phyt’s creators were market innovators and early adopters of emerging technologies that moved their vision from dream to reality, both in product development and packaging. The need to innovate in packaging came from the necessity to protect the formulations from bacterial contaminants and the external environment. Phyt’s introduced single use packaging in the form of disposable glass ampoules. In 1974, a patent was even filed for the conditioning in ampoules of pasty or semi-thick skin care products (masks). In the 1990s, Phyt’s Laboratories turned to multilayered Polyfoil for all its tubes, a perfectly waterproof material that protects all creams from external contaminants.

In Australia, PHYT’S Australia and New Zealand’s head quarters are located in St Leonards (NSW) with offices in Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Thanks to our growing presence down under, professional aestheticians in Australia and New Zealand have a genuine opportunity to capitalise on the booming demand for professional treatments that blend health, wellness and beauty while benefiting from efficacy, safety and ecology time-tested over four decades.

Discover how thousands of French aestheticians seduce and retain the loyalty of the most powerful consumer group today.

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Milestones 1972 – 2018

  • 2018

  • 2018

    Nourishing Formula Upgraded

    The infamous Nourishing Phyt’ssima Range becomes Nutrition Extreme with enhanced formulas to even better nourish, comfort and balance dry skins.


  • 2017

  • 2017

    Award Winning Aqua Phy’s

    Aqua PHYT’S is re formulated with two types of vegetal hyaluronic acid for longer moisturising effects to the skin. Awarded innovative product of the year in France.



  • 2016

    Launched Sensi - Hypoallergenic Range

    Specifically designed for sensitive skin the range is completely fragrance and alcohol free.

    Sensi Facial | Sensi Range

  • 2015


  • 2014

    PHYT’Skin Rénov Launch

    PHYT’Skin Rénov, the very first professional, natural and organic sugar cane glycolic treatment program is unveiled. It consists of 30% glycolic facial treatments and moisturising home care products to prepare and maintain the process through the treatment program.

  • 2013

    Age Defying Range Formula Upgrade

    PHYT’S Age-Defying range relaunches as Aromalliance with enhanced essential oil ingredients and results.



  • 2013

    Celebrating 40 Years!

    PHYT’S celebrates its 40th anniversary and acquires the Françoise Morice School (Paris).

  • 2011


  • 2010

    N°1 beauty institute in France

    PHYT’S becomes the N°1 beauty institute in France. The brand’s R & D department creates a certified organic SPF 50 with a perfect fluid texture and non-nanoparticle. AQUA PHYT’S range, with vegetal hyaluronic acid is created.

  • 2009

    Qualite Certification (Certified Organic)

    PHYT’S becomes certified by QUALITE FRANCE, a subsidiary of BUREAU VERITAS, the most renowned certifying agency in the world. Each product must use a minimum of 95% or more certified organic plant ingredients in their manufacture; use Ecological and Environmental manufacturing practices; and have complete traceability of the finished organic cosmetic and its raw materials.


  • 2009

  • 2008

    Purchased Bionatural® brand

    Purchase of the Bionatural® brand, a certified body care and organic cosmetics line.


  • 2007

    Phyt‘s Beauty Institute opens & Phyt’s goes international

    V.Claire Natural Cosmetics acquire distribution of PHYT’S in Ireland to proudly bring their professional treatments and retail products internationally. Along with the PHYT’S beauty institute, a cocoon with refined eco-friendly materials, opens in ancient cellars in Caillac, near Cahors in the heart of Lot (France).

  • 2004

    PHYT’S Laboratories

    PHYT’S AROMATIC becomes PHYT’S Laboratories. PHYT’S is bought by Thierry Logre, a passionate biologist trained in phytotherapy, aromatherapy & alternative medicines. Already at the head of a Laboratory of food supplements, he takes over the reins of the brand with the desire to keep the spirit and the difference of PHYT’S developing a wide range of organic beauty products.


  • 2003

    Cosmebio Charter Certified

    J.P Lopart and Rosanne Verlé took PHYT’S to the next level and became Certified Organic to the COSMEBIO Standard by ECOCERT. The COSMEBIO label guarantees a Certified Organic Cosmetic.

  • 2002

    Cosmebio Charter Created

    PHYT’S, along with other companies, participates in the creation of the Cosmebio charter, a private committee,  providing products with an organic certification that is proof of a commitment to ethics and seriousness at the service of the consumer.


  • 1993

    PHYT’S Food Supplements Launch

    100% natural food supplements. Creation of Laboratoires Jérodia and the Institut Jérodia by Mr. Thierry Logre: specialized in 100% natural food supplements in Crayssac.

  • 1990

    Naturo-Esthétique® Training Centre Opens

    The first training center for Naturo-Esthétique® opens its doors in Alenya in the Pyrénées-Orientales.


  • 1988

  • 1985

    Professional Treatment Kits Created

    Biologist and Naturopath J.P Lopart and Esthetician Rosanne Verlé group the Professional Treatment ampoules into specific treatment kits designed to care for each individuals’ skin care needs.



  • 1982

    Retail Products Launch

    The products are packaged in polyfoil tubes (3 layers so light and air cannot effect the formula) so that they can be distributed to customers for retail sale; in addition to some professional products for salon use.

  • 1976

    PHYT’S Aromatic

    Phytal becomes PHYT’S AROMATIC. These terms refer to phytotherapy (treat by plant maceration) and aromatherapy (treat with essential oils).


  • 1974

    Uni Dose Glass Ampoule Patent

    J.P Llopart files a patent after he succeeds in packaging masks, creams and serums in glass ampoules which protect the products from damaging outside conditions. The hermetically sealed ampoules ensure the product is as active and fresh as the day it was packaged without the use of synthetic preservatives. This single-use treatment dose provides complete hygiene for both the Esthetician and their client. To date this packaging format continues to be used in our Professional Spa Treatments.

    The following year, all products are packaged in this format. Sealed ends ensure no oxidation / activation of serum / cream and perfect hygiene: its volume corresponds to a dose for each client and upon opening pure, concentrated ingredients with fast effect.

  • 1972

    PHYTAL (PHYT’S) is Born

    Creation of Phytal by Jean-Paul Llopart, naturopathic biologist, and Rosanne Verlé, beautician. In this year Phytal is already a cosmetic brand of natural origin for Beauty institutes. Revolutionary in its approach to beauty, inseparable from health, Jean-Paul Llopart then founded the foundations of “Naturo-Esthetique®”… “Beauty & health from inside & outside”. From the beginning, some of the flagship products are renowned: the famous Crème Absolue, the Gommage Contact+ Scrub and the purifying Serum C17, all still top products today.


Pioneering the Trend for Organic, Ethical and Sustainable Beauty

The move towards sustainable practice, wellness and healthy lifestyle has become a mindset revolution, worldwide. PHYT’S as a company and a brand was a precursor in the holistic movement and is more than ever at the forefront in the field of natural cosmetic.

  • For over 40 years we have been seeking out the world’s highest potency plant actives extracted from nature’s most generous trees, herbs, plants, seeds and fruits.
  • Our time-tested expertise in botanical chemistry allows us to continuously innovate as we deliver high performance results for every skin type and condition.
  • At a time when more and more consumers are questioning the safety and environmental impact of products used on a daily basis, PHYT’S brings peace of mind for therapists and clients alike while delivering results second to none.
  • The professional in salon treatment kits and single-used dose make life a breeze for therapists. This unique packaging is an integral part of what makes the brand so appealing both for beauty salons because single-used dose limits product being wasted or contaminated.
  • The professional in salon treatment kits are also an idea solution for mobile therapists, a growing profession in our fast-changing market place where so many individuals and professionals demand personalised services in the comfort of their home, workplace or accommodations when travelling.
  • Each treatment is unique in focus, texture, aroma and performance but all take clients into a multi sensory journey, deep levels of relaxation and spectacular outcome.
  • We bring you over fifteen different professional in salon treatments for the face and body, to meet all skin types and conditions.
  • Our retail range is one of the most extensive in the field of clean cosmetics and toiletry: Women, Men, Baby, Face, Hair, Nails, Hands, Feet and Body.

Discover how thousands of French aestheticians seduce and retain the loyalty of the most powerful consumer group today.

Contact us now to redefine what is possible for you and your business.


Phyt’s products are so unique they are irreplaceable in the skincare market. Clients keep coming back time and time again for their favourites treatments. They fall in love with the textures, scents and the way the products love them back. It’s a huge bonus that they are aligned with nature with no nasties.

Clients receiving PHYTS facials always comment how amazing their skin feels and looks after a treatment even those with the most problematic skin conditions. Some of these people tried many other options, often without significant success. Phyt’s gives me, as a therapist, an opportunity to help them return their skin to a healthy state without taking risks associated to additives and harmful substances often present in other skincare.

I have been using Phyt’s exfoliator Contact+ for over a year now. It’s very gentle on the skin yet very effective. After I have used it, the open pores on my skin look smaller and the skin is smoother, softer. I use it once a week over the whole face and more often on the nose and chin where the skin is oilier and the pores more visible. The tube last me a while because you do not need to use a lot at a time. Great product!