Ampoules: small in size, big on results!

Glass ampoules are the star packaging of professional products used in Phyt’s facial treatments.

Ampoules (sometimes called phials) are small sealed glass (or plastic) containers, mostly used to protect liquid or solution from air and contaminants in pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic industries. Usually, ampoules carry around 2 to 5 ml of product. Traditionally, they are made of glass and, for the environment’s sake, this is the material we prefer.

Inspired by the pharmaceutical industry, European skincare manufacturers have used single-dose ampoules to safeguard beauty serums for decades.

The major drawback for manufacturers is the cost involved in glass packaging: once filled with products, ampoules must be sealed by melting the thin ends with an open flame. Breakage on production lines happens and products contaminated with small pieces of glass have to be discarded; handling and storage require specific care and equipment, etc. 

So, why is this type of packaging becoming so popular for beauty serums – and why Phyt’s chose them for their professional treatments over other types of packaging?

Glass ampoules are sealed with flames; exposure to a flame allows for the oxygen present in the ampoule to burn, thus leaving a product safe from oxidation for as long as the ampoule remains sealed. This type of packaging guarantees the stability of the formula and its potency. Because the products  do not come into contact with air, the ingredients’ performance is not affected.

For a beauty therapist, using cosmetics in ampoules is also more hygienic than continuously dipping hands into containers. 

The main drivers in the popularity of glass ampoules are:

  • Consumers greater awareness about health hazards in a pandemic environment
  • The willingness for manufacturers to reassure stockists and clients alike about the safety of their products
  • The worldwide move away from plastic
  • The commitment of cosmetic manufacturers to eliminate as much plastic from their products and packaging

Because glass is so fragile, people are rightfully wary of the hazards of handling glass and treat ampoules with caution; a challenge PHYT’S avoided totally by keeping the use of glass ampoules for professional treatments only.

Phyt’s facial treatments come in single-treatment kits made of several ampoules. The kits themselves are made of recycled and recyclable material, preventing breakage furthermore.
The content of each ampoule has been carefully measured to be used only during the course of a treatment to ensure freshness and potency of the formula.
Aestheticians trained in Phyt’s treatments are skilled at safely and correctly extract products from their glass packaging. 

If many cosmetic companies use glass ampoules to pack serums, Phyt’s uses ampoules for all the products needed for a facial treatment – from the cleansing milk to the moisturiser used to complete each facial.
This guarantees a safe, potent, germs and bacterial-free therapy from the beginning to the end of the facial.
And, let’s not forget the delicious immersion in delightful essential oils and plant aromatics that diffuse their aroma all around, providing a relaxing and multi-sensorial experience.

There is an intimate and unique connection to Mother Nature when you realise that, from the moment active ingredients were sealed into their glass container until their release onto your skin, no-one has touched the product that is being applied to your skin…

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