Anatomy of a Mythical Cream 

Crème Absolue has been at the forefront of age-defying cream for over 40 years and still enjoys a cult-like following in France and around the world. What is its secret?

The mind and vision behind the product
We need to travel back in time, to the year 1972 and in the South of France. There, we meet Jean-Paul Llopart, a Biologist expert in the therapeutic benefits found in the plant world, and a Naturopath who was intensely committed to the health and wellbeing of his fellow human beings. 

As a Naturopath, he was seeing and treating skin conditions of all sorts and origins. From this, he acquired the belief that one should not have to risk compromising one’s health to maintain healthy skin. That belief led him to create the principles of Naturo-Aesthetics, the first step towards the natural and organic beauty movement we are seeing today. 
Creme Absolute was one of his first creations. The efficacy of the cream became an instant hit with both clients and French aestheticians, and soon Creme Absolue became a brand flagship that has long become famous past the French borders.

The magic of its formula

Creme Absolue is made of a complex of precious plant actives. Among them nourishing and softening vegetable oils such as hazelnut, calendula and wheat germ, as well as thirteen powerful toning essential oils (lemon, sage, rosemary, cypress, thyme, petitgrain, ylang-ylang to name a few).
Tocopherol (natural Vitamin E) was added later in the formula to enhance and strengthen the “anti-ageing” action of “Absolute Cream”.  100% of the ingredients, as well as the finished product itself, are Certified organic under the International “Cosmebio” label. This guarantees that Creme Absolue is absolutely free from synthetic preservatives, parabens, GMOs or any other nasties.  In short, Creme Absolue has absolutely everything the skin needs to slow down the visible signs of ageing in absolute safety for your skin, your health and the environment. 

The intention behind its creation

Preserving mature skin, bringing luminosity to the complexion, preventing the effects of time … This is all that the creator of the “Absolute Cream” wanted to achieve. But always by using the intelligence of nature, without any potentially toxic additives or components. 

Well beyond the organic trend currently sweeping the industry, Jean-Paul Llopart worked with “essential oil complexes”.  Thirteen natural essential oils were selected to make-up this potent cream. These thirteen oils were not chosen randomly. They were analysed for their synergistic effect when working together as one, hence achieving age-defying benefits tenfold superior to competitive traditional cosmetics. The success was immediate and long-lasting. Today Creme Absolue is still our number one age-defying moisturiser around the world.

Texture and natural fragrance

There has never been a need to modify the actual texture of the cream because its appeal is as strong today as it was back in the 70’s.  Absolue fragrance, which was at the time strongly influenced by its essential oil content, has evolved slightly over time to a more delicate floral scent. What remains is a constant: no synthetic fragrance and its time-tested effectiveness as an anti-ageing cream.
Results are visible within a few days and are proven by independent laboratories testing! A study carried out on 20 women aged 45 to 70 years reveals a reduction of 20% in the number of wrinkles after 28 days of use. The skin is regenerated for 76% of the testers and smoothed for 80%. When combined with other products of Phyt’s Aromalliance range, such as Multi-Vita Serum and Anti-Rides Serum, benefits are even more visible.

Our recommendations for a time-tested ritual to defy the visible signs of skin ageing:

  • In the morning, apply a thin layer of Multi-Vita Serum for its firming/tensing action; once fully absorbed, apply Creme Absolue. 
  • In the evening and after gentle make-up removal, apply Rich Night Cream or Creme Absolue – when it was conceived, Creme Absolue was indicated for day and night use and remained so for many decades.

You’ll be amazed at how naturally healthy and rejuvenated your skin looks every day!