Aromaclear Exfoliating & Purifying Mask to win the battle with large pores and shiny skin…

Products made with charcoal are popping everywhere, and it is no surprise. Charcoal is an efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable ingredient. It is the best ally of skin affected by large pores and excessive shine.

Charcoal is not just a trend
Although cosmetics manufacturers seem to have discovered this ingredient, it’s important to remember that charcoal powder has been used since ancient time for a range of purposes in everyday life. Charcoal is obtained from the calcination of plant materials (mainly wood) or animals (bones). Carbonisation at high temperature changes the configuration of these materials creating a sponge-like structure full of tiny holes. These holes, created by heat, will have multiple practical uses thanks to their absorption power: water filtration, odour absorption or dyes removal. 

Charcoal properties
In cosmetics, the absorption power of charcoal is very efficient at purifying and detoxifying the skin. Charcoal can work wonders to absorb toxins, heavy metals and some bacteria. It can also suck up the excess of sebum produced by oily skin which makes it an excellent ingredient for oily and acne prone skin types.
The purifying properties of charcoal can help shrink pores and leave the skin refined and feeling revitalised.

Phyt’s Aromaclear Exfoliating Mask
The charcoal used in Masque Gommant is obtained from a Japanese oak tree (Ubame Oak) and is called Binchotan charcoal. It has a micro-porous structure and is well known for its purity and finesse. The cosmetic quality and efficiency of this ingredient have been recognised by COSMOS and received their organic certification.

Phyt’s Aromaclear Masque Gommant is a 2 in 1 non-drying creamy formulation that combines the benefit of a mask and an exfoliator with three natural clays, charcoal and purifying essential oils. This facial mask has a triple action on the skin:

  • Exfoliation with crushed amber powder 
  • Absorption of impurities and sebaceous secretions thanks to 3 types of clay (white, yellow and green) combined with vegetable charcoal 
  • Purifying with essential oils (Lavandin, Tea Tree, Rosemary)

It will absorb impurities and excess sebum while reducing the size of visible pores. Blemishes are reduced, skin is radiant and mattified and pores instantly tightened.

Proven efficiency:

  • Healthier skin, refined texture: 100%
  • Absorbed excess sebum, mattified skin: 95%
  • Unclogged pores: 91%

How to use:
Once to twice a week, apply to cleansed skin (avoid the eye contour area). Leave on for 10 minutes then emulsify the mask with water and perform small ascending circles with the tips of your fingers to exfoliate the skin.
Remove the mask thoroughly with warm water. Pat skin dry, then follow with one of the moisturisers of the Aromaclear range.