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Many cosmetics contain ingredients that are damaging to your skin, which is why it’s always important to look at each and every ingredient that’s used in your beauty products. Almost all non-organic skin care products and cosmetics contain parabens and sulphates that are known to cause long-term damage so you could be doing more harm than good to your skin without you even knowing it.

As the most trusted manufacturer of the best natural cosmetics in Australia, the team here at PHYT’S work hard to only include high quality organic ingredients that are safe and healthy in all of our products.

How Do Natural Ingredients Keep Your Complexion Looking Great?

The key to great skin is making sure it has everything it needs to thrive. The technical word for skin is epidermis, and it is composed of seven layers known as ‘dermal layers’. Its primary function is as a membrane that controls what is absorbed into your body so whatever you put on your skin has the potential to end up in your body.

The dermal layers of your skin are made up of cells that control this process of absorption. The health of these cells determines your complexion and how quickly you begin to show signs of aging. The natural ingredients in our cosmetics are filled with the nutrients and minerals that promote healthy skin cells.

When you nurture your skin, it naturally improves your complexion. Your body is designed to mend itself, and skin is your body’s first line of defence against disease. It’s designed to heal itself quickly. All you have to do is provide the essential ingredients that promote this natural process.

Find Out what PHYT’S Products Can Do for You

Our products use plant ingredients such as lavender, shea butter, vitamin E, and rice oil and 100% plant-base actives. They are carefully formulated to go on smoothly while also nourishing your skin.

Instead of causing damage, our products can actually slow the ageing process. They help your skin renew itself, and we also have products that stimulate your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen. This will help restore a plump and youthful look to your complexion, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

At PHYT’S, we have many products that will keep your skin nourished and healthy. Some of our cosmetics include:

  • Foundations and tinted creams that naturally protect against UV rays
  • Organic blushers in rose and peach tones
  • Gentle mascaras and liner pencils
  • At-home skin treatments and serums
  • Lip gloss and lipsticks enhanced with Vitamin E

We believe that quality organic ingredients should be the foundation of all beauty and skin care treatments and products and our commitment to sourcing the best quality ingredients is never compromised.

Good Ingredients, Good Health, Ageless Beauty

The best way to create a beautiful complexion is to take care of your skin. It’s that simple. Take some time to browse through our collection of the best organic cosmetics in Australia and get in touch with us today if you’ve any questions.

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