Glossary of medically recognised terms relating to herbal extracts and essential oils that you might find in Phyt’s products descriptions

Antibacterial: reduces bacterial colonization

Antifungal: reduces fungal spores

Anti-Inflammatory: reduces inflammation or redness

Antioxidant: reduces the amount of free radicals

Antiseptic: controls infection

Astringent: tightens or contracts tissues

Bactericide: reduces bacteria

Calmative: aids in calming nerves

Deodorant: may help slow down the bacterial action that produces body odour

Disinfectant: reduces the spread of pathogens

Emollient: softens the skin

Fungicide: helps reduce fungal spore

Lipolytic: helps to break down fat

Oestrogenic: behaves like oestrogen

Phytohormone: a plant that behaves like a hormone, specifically oestrogen

Phytolipid: oils extracted from plants via distillation, gas or chemical extraction

Phytotherapy: products using plants in therapy

Regenerating: helps ell regeneration

Rubefacient: warms and reddens the skin

Stimulant: increases a function of the body and mind

Sudorific: increases the secretions of the sudoriferous/sweat glands

Surfactant: an ingredient derived from plants that emulsify oils and fats and suspend soil, allowing them to be washed away.  It also allows water to mix with oil

Toning: revives the appearance of the skin