How to choose the right anti-ageing product for your skin?

Each generation has its beliefs and preferences in the way they care for their skin to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance. 

Today, we can delay the appearance of the visible signs of ageing much longer and much more effectively than our grandmothers were able to. However, it’s essential to take into account a few key stages to have your skin looking its best in the long run.

Product technology and novel ingredients are important but so is a good understanding of the natural processes involved in your skin as you age. In other words, it’s all about prevention and damage control as the skin naturally transforms through the biological ageing process.

18-25: prevention  

  1. Great age, where so much lies ahead of us. Skin wise, it’s a combination of bad news and good news. The bad? You’ve started to age. The good? 80% of signs of ageing are due to environmental factors. Prevention is easy without too great of an effort or budget. Nobody is asking you to live the life of an ascetic, but stay away from bad company: sun, tobacco, alcohol, junk food, pollution. A best and simple routine is Cleanse, Protect, Moisturise. 
  2. Avoid going to bed with your foundation, smoky eyes and pores full of airborne particles. You can sweep it all off in five minutes flat with Phyt’s Micellar Water or Phyt’s Anti Pollution Gel cleanser. In the morning, get your skin ‘up and running’ with Phyt’s Orange Hydrolate or Eucalyptus Hydrolate.
  3. If excess sebum still plays nasty tricks on your skin, think Aromaclear Mattifying moisturisers and keep a SOS Aromaclear stick in your pocket. This duo has your covered: the skin is purified, mattified, rebalanced without aggravating sebum production. Time tested, these products work. Welcome to the “selfie” skin! 
    If you live in a busy city and pollution in your environment is the issue, your best friend is Reviderm Anti-Pollution moisturiser: intelligent, light, natural like an invisible second skin.  
  4. Practice saying NO. No to aggressive products and harmful ingredients in your skincare but also the food you eat. Remember that your skin is your largest organ. It is part of a whole system. What you eat has a direct impact on the health and resilience of your skin. Quit processed sugars  (sodas, candies, cakes). They might taste good, but they caramelise collagen—Goodby babyface.
  5. Be gentle with your eyes, especially when you remove eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. Place two cotton discs soaked in gentle make-up remover on the eyelids, wait a few seconds and gently slide them outwards and then along the lashes. Repeat until the cotton pad is clean. 

28-42: prioritise energy and brightness

  1. You do not know it yet but this is the best age for your skin! You look very young and you are full of energy, experimenting with life, looking for a style that defines you… All this keeps you very busy. 
  2. You can handle stress but it still damages your skin’s balance and accelerates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What can you do? Use a moisturiser rich in antioxidants to fight inflammation, pollution and UV damage, and with hyaluronic acid to plump the skin. AquaPhyt’s  Creams are great moisturisers packed with hyaluronic acid to plump up your skin! Reviderm Anti-Pollution range is another option if your environment is polluted, dusty, or if you are a smoker. This range contains energising active ingredients to boost the mitochondria – the cell’s unit of life.
  3. Manage eye strain: avoid late nights in front of your TV or computer screen and work at improving the quality of your sleep. The area around your eyes is four times thinner than the skin of your face, and it is always moving. No wonder this is the first part of your face that will give your age away! Your weapon? Daily use of eye products that protect, strengthen and nourish the skin. Phyt’s Fluide Contour is a time-tested, proven eye cream that will slow the appearance of fine lines. If puffiness or dark circles are an issue, try Phyt’s Sublim range to help remove water congestion (cause of puffiness) and capillaries congestion (cause of dark circles).

43-55: stimulate and repair

  1. You still look younger than your age.
  2. This is where most women report “finding themselves”… You know your strengths; your personality is more uniquely yours, you are less worried about what others are thinking and more concerned about feeling good in your skin. You commit much more seriously to anything that promotes a healthy lifestyle.  We live at a time when all the experts agree that we look younger but the years still leave their mark.
  3. Fluctuations in your female hormones are not only plaguing you with the dreaded hot flushes but directly impacting your skin:  you may get acne, your skin is not as radiant as before, and your skin has become dryer and dehydrated. Fortunately, they are products that are specifically designed to slow down the signs of skin ageing and to treat imperfections.
    For example, if your skin has become dry and dehydrated, choose Phytonagre or Absolue which are both time-tested cult moisturisers loved by women around the globe for decades.
  4. This period of your life is also a beautiful and productive time. There is no need to give up on sports or physical activities. You can still have a healthy body by paying attention to your weight with a healthy and balanced nutritional diet. Your skin needs marine collagen, omega 3, 6, 9, good fats, low sugar intake, food rich in calcium, vitamins, and trace elements. 

 60+: comfort and harmony 

Here comes a period in our life that can bring many opportunities to live your life to the fullest – what Jane Fonda described once as the 4th act in a woman’s life. 

  1. You  still look younger than your age thanks to a good skincare routine.
  2. Your skin is undergoing deeper changes: it is getting much thinner and dryer. The oval of your face is changing too, losing its firmness. You may also have puffiness under the eyes and enlarged pores.
  3. You are still young and vibrant at heart and ready to tackle new adventures. You want to look radiant, healthy, energetic and eager to herald a new cultural mindset around ageing. The most significant breakthroughs in skincare are being achieved both technologically and in ingredients research. Extremophiles (extracts from plants that survive the most extreme of conditions and eons of evolution on our planet) are keys. Phyt’s Panacée is a global skincare solution that may be perfect for you.