How to get a radiant glowing skin?

Getting skin that looks as if you were fresh off a holiday involves time and practice – and it starts with taking the time to care for your skin with a daily routine. 

During the day, when you are outside, it is inevitable that your skin is exposed to external aggressions such as air pollution, UV rays, and weather conditions. These external aggressions on your skin lead very often to the formation of pigmentation and dullness.

Bringing back radiance to your skin start with gentle cleansing and exfoliation to eliminate impurities and dead skin cells, and to help penetration of the active ingredients found in the products that you will use during the day/night.

Your routine should include a day cream and a night cream for hydration, nourishment, and treatment of brown spots.

Phyt’s Bio-Active Brightening range has been designed to bring you the necessary products for radiant results. This range is not just about brightening: you will also get hydration and ingredients that help create a more even skin tone and softer skin.
The range includes 5 products that work together for best results. They all contain the same plant extracts complex that helps restore radiance. 

These are some of the benefits you will get from Bio-Active Brightening range:

Brown spots will be less visible

Bio-Active Brightening Day Cream works around a patented complex of plant extracts and essential oils, which help reduce melanin production. Used every day, with Bio-Active Brightening  Night Cream, your brown spots will fade, and your skin tone will look more even.

It fights off dullness

Another property of the Bio-Active Brightening range is to give back radiance to your skin thanks to Acerola extract which works as a gentle natural exfoliant and brightening ingredient.
Bio-Active Gommage Exfoliator will help eliminate dead skin cells gently for maximum radiance.

It slows down early signs of ageing

With time comes a day when wrinkles and saggy skin become more visible. The use of day and night creams that contain nourishing and regenerating oils help us enjoy younger-looking skin longer when compared to individuals who do not have a sound skincare routine. 

You will have a softer skin

A well-nourished and moisturised skin feels softer with a smoother texture. 

How to best use Phyt’s Bio-Active Brightening products?

It is simple and easy to maximize the benefits of the active ingredients found in the Bio-Active Brightening skincare:

Final thoughts:

The Bio-Active Brightening moisturisers are non-comedogenic (they do not clog pores) and are quickly absorbed. They are suitable for all skin types. 

Phyt’s Bio-Active Brightening range is the ideal all-around self-care solution to bring back radiance to your skin for a glowing healthy skin.