“Made in France” – Why is this label still so attractive?

In the beauty industry, the label “Made in France” evokes quality, efficiency, and trust. Why is that so? 

In the world of fashion, beauty and cosmetics, the label “Made in France” conjures glamour, elegance, and sophistication. But the attraction for French skincare goes further than that. It’s about centuries-old wisdom in selecting ingredients, blending know-how, time-tested experience in manufacturing and today, more crucial than ever, about safety.
France has one of the most stringent regulations and product safety requirements. 

For centuries, the French have always been very fond of natural products. Ancient wild wisdom on the therapeutic use of essential oils, plant and herbs extracts have been running deep in the French psyche. They gave birth to numerous legends of ‘beauty or youth elixirs’ concocted in the minds of traditional medicine men and women. These experts would eventually become our modern herbalists, naturopaths, aromatherapists.

Phyt’s Laboratories emerged on the shoulders of this historical background. Its flagship formulations were born from herbalists’ minds and naturopaths interested in skin health above and beyond the notion of beauty.
More precisely, beauty and nature were necessary partners to achieve visible and sustainable results while respecting the earth and the environment that surround us.
Creme Absolue is a perfect example of a cream that was formulated almost 50 year ago and is still one of the best selling Phyt’s moisturiser.

Expertise is one thing, but it needs to sustain the passing of time. The focus must remain on constant innovation, cutting-edge results, and real customer experience. Phyt’s Crème Panacée is the epitome of what can be achieved in the quest for a global, do-it-all well-ageing movement.

French people have a long relationship with natural ingredients. Because our understanding of skin as a living system evolved so dramatically in recent years, synthetic ingredients are becoming less attractive to the educated and health-conscious consumer.
Essential oils molecules and plant extracts in their purest form are more in line with customers expectations.
Here too, Phyt’s “Made in France” know-how and expertise helped create high performance skin serums that deliver efficient and proven results with each drop.

In this fast growing ‘organic’ skincare scene, the “Made in France” label delivers a promise: quality, expertise, safety and a little bit of a dream in every tube, jar or ampoule. Quality research produces quality products!

If you are looking for efficient, safe skincare to keep your skin healthy, you can trust Made-in-France Phyt’s products and treatments.