Natural Makeup Products for Sale

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If yes, you’ve just found us! Welcome to Phyt’s; the home of amazing natural makeup products in Australia. We source only the finest organic ingredients from around the work to manufacture one of the best-loved collections of natural makeup in the world.

Are you tired of getting breakouts?

Our customers come to us with all kinds of skin irritations so you’re not alone. The makeup industry is booming here in Australia but what most people don’t realise is that it’s their choice of makeup that could be the root cause of their skin problem(s).

Conventional cosmetics are normally made with a whole host of synthetic ingredients, many of which are damaging to the skin and a person’s overall health. They can lead to allergic reactions, itchy skin and rashes. More serious problems can include organ toxicity, and an increased risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.  

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Be Kind To Your Skin With Natural Makeup Products

If you’re currently using over the counter make-up products but you want to make the change to using organic makeup products that are made with the right kind of ingredients, you won’t find a better brand than Phyt’s.

Each and every ingredient that’s put into our make-up products is there for a reason so you know you’ll be getting maximum health benefits and maximum coverage when it comes to the results you’ll achieve.

Our collection is all available to buy online and categorised for your convenience so take some time to browse the following sections until you find what you’re looking for;



Tinted Cream








Mascara & Liner Pencil

Make-Up Accessories




Lip Gloss



The Many Benefits of Using Natural Make-up Products

Making the switch to natural makeup brings a whole host of different benefits. From being compatible with all different skin types to being free of harmful ingredients, the following are just of the benefits that our customers can enjoy;

  • No side effects – The continuous use of synthetic ingredients can lead to all kinds of problems that are outlined above. By using natural products that are kind to your skin, you won’t have to worry about blocked pores and excess sebum caused by wearing makeup leading to much bigger problems such as itchy, irritated and acne prone skin.
  • No sacrifice in coverage – Whether you like a natural or full coverage foundation, you’ll find your perfect match here at Phyt’s. Lots of people assume that makeup made with organic ingredients lacks in comparison to conventional makeup products when it comes to longevity and the results that can be achieved, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Organic makeup has come a long way over the past few years and we’re proud to offer our customers a line of products that’s at the forefront of the latest innovation.

  • Compatible with all skin types – Mineral based makeup is compatible with all skin types so whether you’ve got oily, dry or combination skin, you can use our products without worrying about how your skin will react.

Are you ready to love your skin?

If yes, give it the nourishment it needs with Phyt’s line of natural makeup and skin care products. Please contact us today if you need more information.

Visit our online store today for the finest organic makeup products including organic mascaraorganic foundation & Natural Skin Care Products.

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