One skin care product we tend to forget

Facial masks play an important role in the management of your skin. They are designed to complement the products you use daily, especially if your skin does not feel at its best.  

Masks can be used as an instant pick-up before going out or for targeted benefits since they are formulated with skin types in mind as well as a broad spectrum of concerns.
Since they are used occasionally, they are also cost-effective at enhancing your skincare routine.

A facial mask is a skincare treatment formulated to target specific skin types and areas of concern. Masks are loaded with beneficial active ingredients and can vary in form, texture, concentration and results. For most of Phyt’s masks, the texture is usually thicker than a cream. This thickness creates a barrier between the skin and the elements, enhancing hydration and the penetration of active ingredients into the skin – that’s why you need to leave them on a little bit longer to do their job. 

A mask can be just a relaxing pampering experience, or a highly effective answer to specific skin concerns. When you select a mask, it’s best to look first at your skin type and what results you would like to achieve. You can use a mask as an instant pick-up or see it as part of a longer-term skincare routine for the health of your skin.

Most of PHYT’S skincare ranges include a mask. These masks have been designed to address and correct specific issues: lack of vitality, water loss, airborne pollution, lack of firmness, dull complexion, excess sebum or inflammation.
Masks complement and enhance the benefits of moisturising creams and serums and contribute to your overall skin health. They are formulated to work in synergy with other products of the same range.

Oily skin will benefit from the Aromaclear mask formulated with Amber powder and charcoal for gentle exfoliation and to draw out impurities from pores.
Dehydrated skin should try the Aqua mask formulated with two different molecular weight hyaluronic acids to instantly boost the water content in the upper layers of the skin while significantly reducing water loss from its surface. Your skin will look plumper with less visible lines and wrinkles.

Mature skin will experience a visibly improved tone and texture with the Aromalliance mask. This mask is formulated with nourishing Hazelnut oil, regenerating essential oils and plant extracts. End results: the skin is smoother, softer, plumper.

Extremely dry skin will benefit from the nourishing and soothing oils of Phyt’ssima comfort mask – a concoction of repairing Argan and Hemp oils.  This particular mask can also be used as an after-sun treatment.

– Those who live in polluted urban environments have not been forgotten and can restore radiance to their skin with Phyt’s Anti-Pollution Reviderm mask.

Skin sensitivity and redness due to inflammation can be visibly calmed down by Sensi hypoallergenic mask formulated with soothing ingredients.

– For dull skin with pigmentation try Phyt’s White Bio-Active mask which contains a patented blend of plant extracts and essential oils that work on restoring skin brightness and radiance.

– Finally, there is a mask specifically designed to refresh and tone eye contour affected by dark circles and puffiness: Phyt’Sublim Mask 

See masks as an opportunity to pamper yourself and give your skin a chance to restore itself. Apply your chosen mask once or twice a week while enjoying this time to relax and unwind – perfect if you find yourself stuck at home during a rainy day.

For optimum results, any type of face mask should be applied to clean skin, so be sure to cleanse your skin first. You can use your fingers or a brush (you tend to use less product with a brush but some masks need to be applied thickly, so check the instructions).
Most of Phyt’s masks have to be left on for 10 to 15 minutes (do not leave them on for longer, just because they are 100% natural and organic does not mean that they are not very active) and leave the ingredients to work their magic.
All Phyt’s masks are best removed with a warm damp cloth (not hot) in gentle, circular motions, but they can also be rinsed off under the shower.

Most of Phyt’s skincare ranges include a serum (powerful concentrate of active ingredients) – do not hesitate to use them under your mask to enhance results (in that case, apply the serum first) 

There is something both routine and ritualistic about applying a face mask. It can provide you with that extra skincare boost when your skin needs a little TLC. If you never seemed to make time to use face masks in the “good old days”, use your “stuck-at-home” time to treat yourself … your skin will love it.