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Welcome to PHYT’S. We have been in the business of producing top-quality organic make-up products for over 40 years and we’re proud to be one of the most trusted natural skincare brands in Australia and the world. We’ve utilised our expertise in biology and the beauty industry to design and create incredible organic products for beauty therapists who are looking for the best organic makeup for their clients. Our understanding of skincare and wellness means we can create products that are better for your health. Our products won’t damage your skin and, as a company who’s respectful of people and the environment, you’ll be helping to sustain the world we live in when you choose our products.

The effects of using natural makeup products over those that are made with synthetic ingredients have been heavily researched and the results are evident. They include;

  • No skin irritation
  • No nasty smells
  • Eco-friendly
  • Promotes younger looking skin
  • No internal issues that can be caused by chemicals entering the blood stream

At PHYT’S we use the finest-quality 100% certified organic ingredients in our products, so that our customers can experience all of the above benefits and more.

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The following are two top reasons why our customers choose us:

  • The lack of harmful chemicals in our products – such as synthetic preservatives, parabens and phthalates – will help ensure your skin stays healthy looking and supple. By using organic ingredients, you could also notice a reduction in redness, irritation and premature aging, as the natural ingredients in our products are much softer on the skin.
  • Our organic make-up products are full of healthy and natural nutrients as many of the ingredients we use (oils, extracts from vegetables and fruits, and herbal extracts etc.) have properties that can improve your body’s wellness and health. These naturally occurring substances are rich in minerals that your body needs and when they’re used in our make-up products they can help your skin feel softer and stronger.

If you’re looking for the best all-natural makeup available on the market, we’d love for you to give our products a try as we guarantee you’ll love them as much as our other customers do.


Running our company in an environmentally friendly way plays a huge part in our dedication to being the best all-natural makeup brand on the market.  Unlike other make-up brands in the industry, we believe that being one of the best organic make-up brands means more than simply providing a superior-quality product. We believe that companies and corporations should be making a constant effort to ensure that they’re not causing further harm to the planet and, in turn, our society. Our interest in organic make up stems from a love of the environment and a need to protect our eco-system so our values always stay at the core of our business.

At PHYT’S, we have three main goals within our company to ensure that we’re helping save the environment and the people in it. These objectives are:

  • Raise Awareness. PHYT’S has become one of the top organic make-up brands in the world due to our continuous efforts to raise awareness for environmental issues and our desire to create a stronger and more stable bond between our planet and society.
  • Bring Meaning and Responsibility to Our Day-to-Day Life. We completely believe that investing in top-quality natural organic make-up brands will bring something back to your life. When you feel good your whole outlook changes and brings new meaning to your world.
  • Commitment to Bettering the World. We understand that we have an influence outside of our company and that we may affect the lives of the general public and the planet. Considering this influence, we believe it is only right for us to make a conscious effort to take responsibility for our actions as a company.

No matter what beauty products or natural skin care products you’re looking for we’re sure to have the perfect product for you. Our products are easily categorised so you can find what you need with the few clicks of a mouse. We stock all of the following so take some time to browse our site;

  • Foundation
  • Tinted Cream
  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Iluminator
  • Powder
  • Eye-Shadow
  • Mascara & Liner Pencil
  • Lips
  • Lipstick
  • Lip Gloss
  • Pencil

Sometimes organic makeup brands fall short in how well they work. For example, mascara can be too runny, or foundation might wear off too quickly. If you’ve tried natural makeup products before only to find that they weren’t as effective as the brands that use synthetic ingredients, you’re going to love what we have to offer here at PHYT’s.

 Finding An All Natural Makeup Brand You’ll Love

You know you’ve found a good brand when their products offer the same longevity and functionality as other big name cosmetic brands. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose PHYT’s.

Our foundation will feel lighter and more breathable, but it won’t come off on your clothes. It will also last throughout the day and you won’t have to keep re-applying it. You can apply our mascara in the morning and it will stay on your lashes all day and it won’t feel heavy and clumpy. Our powder bronzers are made using rich natural pigments that will give your skin a natural golden tan for a glowing complexion.

In addition to foundation, mascara and bronzer, the following are some of the other makeup products that we stock;

  • Tinted Cream
  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Iluminator
  • Powder
  • Eye-Shadow
  • Liner Pencil
  • Make-Up Accessories
  • Lipstick
  • Lip Gloss
  • Pencil

We Use Organic Ingredients that are Ethically Sourced

It’s not enough to use the right mix of natural ingredients as they also need to be of high-quality and properly harvested. Good brands will list everything in their products, sometimes even breaking down where ingredients were sourced or how they were processed.

That’s because a lot can happen between the time a plant is harvested and the time it is processed into the essential oils that are used to manufacture products. A good company pays attention to where their ingredients come from and how they are harvested and prepared. That’s how they know you’re getting a truly organic and natural product.

As one of the most trusted natural make-up brands, we’re committed to ensuring each and every ingredient we use in our products is ethically sourced and properly processed for maximum health benefits.

 Choose PHYT’S, a Quality Brand for a Better Reflection

Makeup should do more than cover imperfections and blemishes. It should help to correct them. PHYT’S cosmetics are all natural, which means they can nourish your skin back to a state of natural beauty. We list every ingredient in our makeup products in our online store so you can have a look and see exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

Visit our online store today for the finest organic makeup products including organic mascaraorganic foundation & Natural Skin Care Products.

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At PHYTS, we believe that we produce the best organic skincare and organic make-up available today. For 50 years now, we are the leading innovator in the field of organic skincare and organic makeup, long before organic and sustainable became a leading trend in the beauty industry. Our knowledge and expertise in blending natural ingredients result in proven, time-tested organic skincare and organic makeup adopted by men and women around the world. Remaining at the top of our game for 50 years is evidence our products are regarded as amongst the most trusted organic skincare and organic makeup ranges in the market.

To make the best organic beauty products takes patience, knowledge of biology, biochemistry, green chemistry, and an appreciation of what our clients demand from safe, effective, result-driven organic skincare and organic makeup. We produce organic skincare, organic hair care and organic makeup suitable for skin types and conditions.

We often get asked what the benefits of organic skincare and organic makeup are? Well, both organic skincare and makeup contain an abundance of highly nutritious ingredients from land and sea, such as certified organic plant oils, fruit and vegetable extracts, marine extracts, and herbs that are effective in antiaging organic skincare. By expertly combining these ingredients, we manufacture the best organic skincare to uplift and revitalise your skin. Complete the benefits of organic skincare with organic makeup and your skin will look and feel regenerated, with a natural glow and radiance. And the best of it all? These results are visible within weeks of using our organic skincare without compromising your health or the health of our environment.