PHYT’S Anti-Wrinkles Firming Mask

Skin aging is a complex mechanism involving two simultaneously occurring processes: intrinsic ageing known as chronological aging and which is genetically determined, and extrinsic aging which is due to environmental factors such as chronic sun exposure, known as photo-aging.

Chronologically aged and photoaged skin share important molecular features, including decreasing collagen and elastin production and quality, increased inflammatory process and oxidative stress. The epidermis and dermis become thinner.
As the skin has a direct interface with the environment, it is exposed to many environmental aggressions. It cannot avoid the phenomenon of aging and is subject to inevitable changes.

Novel extraction technology in plant and marine active ingredients can help soften the visible signs of biological aging more effectively than ever before. One of these marine ingredients is a molecule named exopolysaccharide (EPS)which brings significant benefits to mature skin 50 and over.

One of these benefits is the increase of the production of collagen; another is an improved elastin synthesis by human fibroblasts (biological cells). Thanks to these stimulating effects, the exopolysaccharide(EPS) extract help improve skin firmness and elasticity. There is also a tightening action of the collagen fibre network. The result is a tensing effect visible within minutes of application.
This marine exopolysaccharide (EPS) has no land-based equivalent and represents a new and original source of anti-aging compounds for cosmetics.

You will find these natural potent ingredients in Phyt’s Anti-Wrinkles Firming Mask. This mask can, thanks to the large molecular weight of the plankton extract, “fill in” wrinkles with visible results as quickly as 15 minutes after application. Its tightening and smoothing effects show quickly on fine lines and wrinkles.  It is primarily formulated to redefine the texture and oval of the face and is an excellent ally as a neck rejuvenator.
The formula includes also nourishing Hazel nut and Wheat germ oils, regenerating and toning essentials oils (Thyme, Rosemary), brightening essential oil of Lemon and natural Vitamin E.