PHYT’S Body Moisturisers

The winter season is here, and dry skin is back.

You are taking good care of your face and have gone back to your hydrating masks and protective moisturisers, but have you thought about taking care of your body?

Just because most of your body is protected by layers upon layers of clothing does not mean it does not suffer from the cold: some typical signs are visibly increased such as dryness, flaking, tightness, and at times, itchiness.

We’d like to share here a few secrets and tips.

First, dry skin is preventable

It is, in fact, possible to limit the damage of winter by adopting some good habits: cover yourself well when you go out, limit the temperature to 20 °C when staying inside and do not hesitate to humidify your rooms or office space as air conditioning tends to make the surrounding air very dry.

When it comes to food, we prioritise vitamin A: if cod liver brings back bad memories, know that it is also found in butter, eggs and meat. We also rely on omega-3 and 6 present in certain oil seeds such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts.

We obviously think about staying hydrated; you might find yourself less inclined to drink cold water during this season, so a trick is to add some warm water and a zest of lemon to make drinking water more friendly in a cold environment. You can also leave a bottle of water well in sight and get into the habit of pouring a glass of water every now and then until the bottle is empty. As long as you see it, you are unlikely to forget!

During this period, we also suggest you drink herbal teas especially those that  will also help prevent colds and sore throats (Liquorice, Marshmallow Root, Slippery elm, Green Tea).
Soups and broths are another to hydrate your body – and to keep warm…

Our next tip? Dry skin can be treated effectively

If you are a frequent user of body scrub, we suggest reducing their use to once a week: it is true that the skin flakes more in winter, but increasing how often you use a scrub will not help. On the contrary, this would tend to make it dryer and irritate it further.

More surprising and more challenging: abandon long hot baths. This is because prolonged time in warm water removes the skin’s protective layers and increases dryness. Choose instead a lukewarm shower using gentle organic shower gels or, if you prefer, cold processed soaps.
In cold processed soap, the ingredients are not heated, which allows them to conserve their beneficial and natural properties. The skin retains its hydrolipidic film after having been washed, which gives it extra hydration and protection. This is a real advantage when we don’t have enough time to put on body lotions after a shower!

Phyt’s Laboratories have concocted an exceptional nourishing range for the body, 100% natural and certified organic, of course. There is a solution for each winter skin type:

  • For the least affected skin, you can choose between our Velvety Cinnamon Moisturiser with subtle spicy touches and our Douceur Fleurie moisturiser with the delicious scent of jasmine.
  • For dryer skin, Phyt’s offers a Nourishing Body Cream rich in pure hazelnut, sunflower and sesame oils blended with shea butter for skin in need of more nourishment.
    Special: use our coupon code BODYCREAM10 to get 10% off the price of this body moisturiser – valid until 10 August 2021 or while stock lasts.
  • Particularly good for very dry body skin, there is Phyt’s Extra Rich Body Cream (Soin Corps Nutrition Extrème) formulated with extra nourishing ingredients your skin craves.