PHYT’S Certified Organic Haircare

Concerned about the use of synthetics in your haircare?

The scalp is part of your skin. What you put on your hair and scalp can penetrate the skin. Sensitivities and irritations may arise when you use harsh ingredients

Organic hair products are gentle and safer because they are not formulated with harsh and harmful ingredients. They are also better for the environment because they contain ingredients that are derived from plants grown without pesticides or harmful fertilisers.

Go for zero nasties with PHYT’S Certified Organic Gentle Shampoo

Because this shampoo does not contain sulphates, it will not strip your hair of protective oil, which can be quite drying for your scalp.
The formulation with a base of Lavender flower water has a soothing effect on the skin.

Formulated with essential oils that will help rebalance the skin of your scalp such as Cypress, Niaouli, Juniper and Pine.

Blackcurrant extract, being anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant, helps improve symptoms of itchiness. It also gives strength and smoothness to the hair.

Phyt’s gentle shampoo is sure to be a favourite in your healthy hair routine.

PHYT’S Certified Organic Revitalising Scalp Oil

Because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, PHYT’S developed a blend of oils to revitalise the scalp before shampoo.
Made with 100% certified organic oils, this oil blend works gently but efficiently to soothe irritated scalp. 

Organic Sunflower, Hemp and Wheat germ oils mixed with Lavender essential oil nourish and soothe the scalp to minimise inflammation.
At the same time, a combination of anti-inflammatory and soothing essential oils help rebalance the hair roots: Rosemary, Cypress Pine, Olibanum and Tarragon. 

The application of this hair oil helps create an environment that supports healthy hair. 

PHYT’S Certified Organic Stimulating Scalp Tonic

Non-oily hair tonic to improve the supply of nutrients to the hair roots and to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Formulated with Alfalfa (organic plant proteins), Bilberry (antiseptic), Blackcurrant (antioxidant), Ylang Ylang (anti-inflammatory) and Cinnamon (stimulates circulation).
Phyt’s Hair Tonic invigorates and rebalances the scalp and hair bulbs after shampoo. 

The hair is stronger, thicker and softer.

For enhanced effect, use this non-oily hair tonic with Huile Vivifiante. Apply the oil first, wash hair then apply the tonic (no need to rinse it off).

PHYT’S Certified Organic Nourishing Hair Mask

Say farewell to brittle ends and fly away hair with Phyt’s nourishing and protecting Hair Mask. 

Shea butter and Mongongo oil are the hero ingredients of this mask. They act as intense conditioners that bring nourishment and protection to damaged hair.

The formula also includes Honey Locust extract for its protecting and restructuring properties, Palmarosa that helps eliminate dead skin cells and nourishes the hair roots.

PHTY’S repairing Hair Mask brings long-lasting moisturisation, makes hair more glossy, and conditions hair damaged by artificial colouring, frequent washes or hair dryers.

Best for dry damaged hair.