Phyt’s Multi-Vita Firming & Tensing Serum


A fact of life we can hardly ignore is that until science and technology allow us to do otherwise, as we grow older biologically so does the part of us most visible to the external world: our skin. As we move through time, our skin loses the vitality, energy and tonicity it once had. Despite billions of dollars invested in the quest for the eternal youth we have been able (yet) to stop the biological ageing process, however, from all the research and discoveries made along the way, we learned that there is one aspect of ageing we can influence with great success and it is extrinsic ageing.

Extrinsic ageing refers to all external factors that accelerate the natural ageing process: exposure to UV light on the one hand but lack of natural sunlight on the other side, tobacco, alcohol, hormonal deficiencies, diet, constant stress, lack of quality sleep, EMF and more… In fact, dermatologists estimate that 90% of cutaneous ageing is due to external factors that boost the production of free radicals – skin’s number one enemy.

A free radical is a molecule that has either gained or lost an electron, making it unstable and highly reactive. This molecule will then attempt to either steal or release an atom from or to another nearby molecule. This phenomenon creates a chain reaction known as oxidative stress. It can cause damages to the organism and skin tissue in particular. The body has its defensive system to neutralise damage linked to these free radicals. But over the years, this neutralising system becomes deficient: skin is left more vulnerable to external factors increasing the need for antioxidants.

As for ultraviolet rays, they are responsible for 80 % of skin ageing. Ultraviolet rays release their energy in the skin, creating free and harmful radicals. This oxidation alters cells and fibres. We believed for a long time that UVB rays alone were responsible for premature skin ageing with sunburns. We are realising now that UVA rays are more dangerous in the long-term. They penetrate more deeply in the skin, reaching the dermis where they weaken collagen and elastin fibres, provoking a loss of density and skin sagging. Ultraviolet radiations also increase the expression of enzymes that damage the collagen matrix. Unfortunately, these damages start from early childhood and accumulate with age.

Can we make our skin more resilient to these extrinsic factors and boost its ability to fight back while reducing the visible signs of biological ageing?
The good news is that yes, we CAN control many of these factors through smart, educated lifestyle changes. Better nutrition, exposure to natural sunlight, to fresh air, to nature, more and better sleep, physical exercises, mindfulness, meditation and other spiritual practices, all this will influence positively not only our psyche and how we age. Can we help our skin in the same way? Yes again.

At PHYT’S we’ve been focusing for over 45 years in the art and science of minimising the effect of extrinsic ageing on the skin. How do we do that? By removing the use of toxins and other harmful substances in our skincare range (professional and home care) and using expertly blended active ingredients to nourish and protect the skin so that it remains healthy and resilient to harmful environmental factors.

SERUM MULTI VITA was born out of a vision to bring a synergy of powerful natural ingredients to tackle the signs of extrinsic ageing successfully.

Multi Vita is an aqueous anti-ageing serum which has an instant firming and tensing action on the skin. It contains a cocktail of multivitamin active ingredients, including Cévéblé®, a patented complex of lipids extracted from wheat seeds that mimic the natural ceramides found in the skin.

Ceramides are critical for proper skin functions. They are the multilamellar lipid membranes that surround corneocytes (dead keratin-filled cells) in the outer layer of the skin. The role of ceramides is to prevent excessive water loss from the body and prevent the entrance of undesired substances from the environment. To ensure this protective function, the composition and organisation of the lipid membranes are highly specialised. The primary skin barrier lipids are ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol.

Phyt’s does not use synthetic ingredients, so Phyt’s Labs found a way to produce these ceramides out of the plant world, precisely out of wheat seeds. These specific ceramides are called ceramides glycosides.

As a complex, Cévéblé® helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines. It has a tensing, smoothing and anti-free radical effect making Serum Multi Vita so useful around the eyes area.
This ingredient alone reinforces the supporting tissue of the skin by slowing down the deterioration of elastic fibres and protecting collagen. The skin is firmer and more radiant, wrinkles are less visible and reducing in width, length and depth over time.

Multi Vita serum is best used at night, on a cleansed skin. Apply a few drops to the face and neck area. Once the Serum is fully absorbed in the skin and you feel your skin becoming tighter, apply one of PHYT’S Aromalliance Anti-Ageing cream (Absolue or Phytonagre).
Multi Vita can also be used as a one-month deep treatment, and in this case, apply twice a day (morning and evening).

Main Active Ingredients

Cévéblé®: contains anti-age ceramides. Helps to smooth lines and wrinkles
Carrot beta-carotene: accelerates cell renewal
Yeast: regenerating
Red seaweed: moisturising
Acerola Vitamin C/Vitamin E: antioxidants
Sunflower virgin oil: nourishing, maintains hydration
Gentian essential oil: toning, improve skin radiance
Lavandin essential oil: soothing