Phyt’s Panacée for Mothers Day

This Mothers’ day will be very different from others. For those who might have become overnight teachers of home-schooled kids as well as working from home, celebrations will go ahead almost as normal.
For others with mothers living in a different state, this day of celebration might trigger a more acute sense of separation.

In today’s environment, anxiety shows up in many aspects of our daily lives and many of us are under a lot of stress. Stress deregulates the biological life cycle of cells. This behavioural dimension (the third dimension of ageing) has more effects on the skin of our face than genetic or environmental ageing. A high level of emotional stress ages us faster.
Self-care and self-nurturing become particularly important for helping us stay calmer in this unprecedented chaotic context. It also helps preserve our youthful look.

Self-isolation and social distancing will force us to think creatively how to celebrate that special day. If you are considering giving something that might help your mum enjoy a day of self-celebration and self-care, why not offer her  Phyt’s limited edition of Panacea gift set? The pack contains a jar of Panacée Cream and a Body Mist Spray infused with the same floral fragrance found in the cream.

Panacée Cream is a result-driven product that takes into account genetic and environmental ageing, as well as behavioural ageing. As an advanced multi-tasking and restructuring formula, Panacée helps to reduce the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet and heaviness around the eye. This breakthrough formula provides regenerative and restructuring active ingredients to help nourish, firm and smooth the skin. 

From the first few applications, lines are smoothed, the skin is plumped and durably moisturised; signs of fatigue are reduced. After 4 weeks, wrinkles are visibly reduced; the face recovers firmness, density and radiance. After 8 weeks, the skin is visibly more glowing.
Panacée can be used morning and evening.

The limited edition of Panacée Body Mist can also be sprayed on hair. It leaves a delicate floral scent on the skin and has moisturising properties. Free from heavy artificial fragrances and preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin and nose, this natural body mists contains instead floral and herbal extracts as well as essential oils to minimise the chance of sensitivity.