simple summer routine for dehydrated skin

Summer is notorious for leaving skin feeling dehydrated and dry following constant exposure to our harsh Australian climate. Despite all the fun that summer brings into our lives, it is not the best of time for our skin.

With a little preparation, it is possible to complete a simple, highly effective summer beauty routine using only a few hydrating products to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

1. Cleanse and tone

To start your summer routine begin by cleansing your face with the 3-1 Aqua Phyt’s Micellar Water. This cleansing water is infused with thousands of micelle particles that are designed to lift up dirt, impurities and pollution. Splash some on a cotton pad then simply wipe the cotton pads on the skin. Contrary to most micellar water out there, Aqua Micellar Water will cleanse your skin while replenishing surface water lost during the cleansing process. You do not need to rinse your skin with water or a toner after cleansing as Aqua Phyt’s Micellar Water acts also as a toner. Gentle and efficient!
2. Get your mask on

Applying a good layer of Aqua Phyt’s Instant Hydration Mask is de rigueur to infuse your skin with a botanical hyaluronic acid of two different molecular weights. One will be absorbed within the upper layer of the dermis – replenishing water in the tissues, plumping wrinkles and fine lines – while the other (the larger molecular weight) remains on the surface of the skin acting both as a humectant (attracting water from the environment) and a mantel preventing water loss from the skin through evaporation.
This mask is mega-hydrating, refreshing and calming. It’s a bit like an instant water bath for the skin!  Plus, it goes on clear so you won’t get strange looks from your roommate or partner… This mask is the perfect tool for a dehydrated skin after a day outdoors.
3. Hydrate to protect

Here you can choose from 3 moisturisers with long lasting hydration:

  • A light-feathered hydrating lotion like Phyt’s Aqua Fluid if your skin tends to be a bit oily or combination
  • A moisturiser slightly thicker and richer in oil for normal to dry skin: Phyt’s Aqua Cream
  •  Or a much thicker moisturiser with a higher content of oil for very dry dehydrated skin:  Phyt’s Hydra-Riche Cream.

Aqua Phyt’s moisturisers provide water and lipids to the skin to rebalance its water content and reinforce the hydrolipidic film. They all work at restoring optimum skin comfort.
4. Treat your lips

Swipe our magic little Phyt’ssima Lip Balm across your lips. This ultra nourishing and protecting stick provides on-the-go protection and repair whenever you need it. Especially welcome after sunbathing or sailing!

5. Sun protection

Not compulsory but highly recommended… Before going out in the sun, protect your skin with Phyt’s SPF30 or SPF50 Protection Creams formulated with a high content of natural Vit E and nourishing active ingredients. These 2 creams have the same fluid texture which becomes invisible after application. The sun protection comes from mineral sunscreen protectors of natural origin (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide).