Chemical Drift, Airborne Pollution and Your Skin

In our current context, we are witnessing the resurgence of chemical sprays used in our living environment and daily. When chemicals are used in that way, droplets are produced that can remain suspended in air and can often be carried by wind away from the target area. This is known as ‘spray drift’.

In an open environment, the likelihood of these droplets reaching our skin is remote. In a closed environment such as public transport, office spaces, shops, schools and even our home, these droplets can affect our skin.

Other contributing factors are currently increasing skin exposure to harmful substances. Excessive hand washing, the use of hand sanitizers, frequent exposure to chemical sprays in the workplace, but also public transports, cafes and even in places where you are not anticipating chemicals like day-spas and wellness centres. All of these, on their own or synergetically, can change the integrity or function of the skin.

Since there is a clear correlation between spikes in air pollution and increases in the number of people suffering from skin problems such as acne, hives and eczema, the unusual amount of airborne chemicals we will be exposed to over the next few months is not something we should ignore if we want to keep our skin looking young and healthy.

How to protect your skin from these chemical drifts?

Skin is supported and maintain healthy by a balanced diet and dietary supplements if required. It is protected by adopting a thorough daily cleansing routine. In recent years, products have been developed specifically to remove toxins from the skin surface then preventing re-adhesion of airborne pollutants. A morning and evening routine using Phyt’s Anti-Pollution Cleansing Gel will remove toxins and other chemical particles from your skin. This The three-step galenic absorbs and removes the microscopic particles that accumulated during the day and restores radiance to the skin. Upon application, the gel becomes an oily emulsion that binds to impurities. Add water to transform this oily substance into a milky emulsion that easily rinses debris from the skin’s surface. Once the cleansing step is complete, the skin is soft to the touch, looking healthy and radiant.

Active ingredients: Marine Oligosaccharide: anti-pollution, anti-adhesion and anti-free radical. | Aloe Vera* and Aloe Vera beads: hydrating |Brown Algae extract: increases oxygenation and cell energy synthesis | Acerola*: for radiant complexion | Plankton extract: boosts cell renewal | Avocado*, Sunflower* and Olive* oils: preserve skin moisture | Hemp* oil: rich in Vitamin E, chlorophyll and fatty acids, help cell renewal | Vitamin E and extract of Rosemary* leaves: antioxidant | Chlorophyll of natural origin: stimulates oxygenation.