The benefits of infant massage

According to moms and dads who’ve used infant massage, some benefits are numerous. And here’s the thing: infant massage is good for you and your baby!

Here are some of the most reported benefits:

  • Infant massage can aid a baby’s digestion, thereby reducing gas and bloating.… improved digestion. So if your baby suffers from gas, this could be a way to help him feel comfortable.
  • Relief of stress and tension for both you and your baby. Massaging your baby can help calm and relax her, and it will help calm and relax you in the process. This may be especially welcome information for parents of babies who are especially fussy or suffering from colic.
  • Nurturing touch conveys love to a baby in a way that nothing else can. So massaging your baby is a great way to strengthen the bond between you both, which will promote healthy emotional development in your baby. Studies have indicated that babies whose parents routinely massage show increased weight gain and improved development. They also tend to have improved immune function, meaning they don’t get sick as often! That alone may be a good reason to try infant massage.