The three magic ingredients that make Panacee Cream your best ally in your healthy age-defying routine

Phyt’s Panacée Cream is a scientifically formulated blend of muscle relaxant with rejuvenating and firming active ingredients, all extracted from the plant world. This certified organic day & night cream brings the power of plant biodiversity to the human skin in a formula devoid of any harmful chemicals or additives.

Exceptional ingredients have been used to make Panacea a fantastic age-defying ally while keeping your skin healthy. These ingredients are all at the fore-front of bio cosmetic research thanks to their powerful action and benefits, particularly when working in synergy with each other. Here are some insights into the working of the top three:


Edelweiss is an extremophile – extremophiles are plants that live in extreme conditions and have adapted to thrive in the most inhospitable environment (places of extreme cold, heat or isolation). They have survived by adapting to these environments and, today, are the craze of scientists learning how to use them as active ingredients in cosmetics.

Edelweiss is such a plant. It grows at altitudes of 1,800 to 2,000 metres in limestone, where UV exposure is high and temperatures very cold.
Edelweiss extracts have a high concentration of flavonoids and phenolic acid that aid to fight UV-induced damage and make it an ideal constituent of sunblocks. The same components that protect the flower from intense ultraviolet rays at high altitudes also protect our skin from sun damage.

The Edelweiss flower is also loaded with antioxidants that scavenge the harmful free radicals and can reverse the first visible signs of ageing. It has a high concentration of Leontopodic acids A and B that helps stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and prevent collagen degradation. The result is a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • antioxidant
  • can help reverse the visible signs of ageing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Acmella Oleracea

Probably one of the most researched ingredients in the anti-ageing field. Did you know that this extract is considered a natural alternative to Botox? It reduces facial wrinkles caused by tense or contracted facial muscles. Traditionally, it is used as a herbal gel to numb toothaches thanks to the presence of analgesic alkylamides called spilanthol. This spilanthol is thought to have the same paralysing effect on facial muscles as it does on gum, reducing wrinkles by relaxing the skin.

In cosmetics, it can easily penetrate the skin and inhibit contractions in subcutaneous muscles. It is interesting to know that patents are being developed to use Acmella Oleracea as a safe alternative to toxic Botox.


  • Relaxes facial muscles and lessens muscle tension
  • Wrinkles that are formed by muscle tension are relaxed for a smoother skin

Brown Algae Extract

Bioactive Compounds extracted from Algae have been the subject of many studies and are widely used in the cosmetics industry. Algae contain different biochemical compounds, including polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, phenolic compounds, pigments, vitamins, and other bioactive substances, as well as macro and micro-elements.

Extract from brown algae are full of humectants that draw in moisture from the environment. After application, the skin is plumped up smoothing out fine lines.

The natural minerals contained in seaweed, which include omega, zinc and magnesium, create a barrier to protect skin from harsh weather (or overly dry environments) while helping to heal the skin of any infections.
Brown algae contain antioxidants, including vitamin B and C, that help clear pigmentation created by overexposure to the sun’s rays.


  • Moisturising            
  • Youthful-looking skin                                                                       
  • Skin protection against the environment                                              
  • Even skin pigmentation

There is more to the magic! These amazing three are only the top of the iceberg in this powerful formulation. Other active ingredients include no less than: 

  • Purnarvana extract: modulates melanocytes resulting in decreased tyrosinase expression and melanin synthesis – a quite impressive brightening agent.     
  • Adenosine: boosts the levels of proteins such as Collagen and Elastin in the skin, reduces damages caused by Ultraviolet B sunrays and increases skin microcirculation (for a youthful glow). It also relaxes the deep wrinkles found on the forehead (also known as frown lines).
  • Rye seed extract: when used in skin care, this extract offers a long-lasting tensor effect by stimulating mechanical cell functions. Results: visibly smoother expression lines and relaxed wrinkles, fine lines and creases.
  • Rosemary Leaf extract reduces the appearance of blemishes, spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It also works at tightening skin pores. It was recently discovered that, as an antioxidant, Rosemary is more potent than Vitamin E by a whopping 30%!
  •  Aloe Vera: for centuries aloe vera has been used in anti-ageing treatment (scientific research has proven since then the chemical basis behind the action). In addition to boosting collagen production, aloe vera gel also hydrates the skin and increases the skin’s elasticity, reducing the number of fine lines and wrinkles.

To sum it up, Panacée is a scientifically formulated concoction of muscle relaxant made with strengthening and revitalising active ingredients extracted from the plant world – a formula devoid of any harmful chemicals or additives.

Too good to be true? Try it… you might be surprised as to how effective this global treatment really is! We would love receiving your feedback once you add “the” cream in your pro-ageing routine.

– For cleansing, we recommend Lait Netttoyant if your skin is dry or Lait Hydro Nettoyant for combination skin 
– Exfoliation: use Gommage Contact+
– Mask: Masque Anti-Rides Fermeté (Anti Wrinkles Firming Mask) from the Aromalliance range
– If your skin is very dry, apply a few drops of Sérum Anti-Rides (Anti Wrinkles Serum from the Aromalliance range) over Panacée (let the cream penetrate before applying the serum)

Panacée is also available as a gift set which includes a perfumed body mist