What happens to the skin in a polluted environment?

Ambient air contains a range of pollutants that affect us directly. When we breathe, exposure to these air pollutants gives rise to oxidative stress within the lungs. 

Some pollution particles in the air around us are 20 times smaller than the skin pores.

Pollution affects our skin and contribute to issues such as: 


  • Skin Sensitivity 

The most common form of skin disruption is sensitivity when the skin becomes reactive (inflammation). Pollutants could also aggravate skin pathologies such as acne, eczema, psoriasis…

  • Dull complexion

Carbon monoxide asphyxiates cells and starves them of oxygen. It becomes harder for oxygen and nutrients to reach their destination. Cell metabolism slows down leading to a dull complexion…

  • Premature ageing of the skin

Pollution ages the skin and this link has been known since 2010. It shows the impact of fine particles on the formation of dark spots and wrinkles. 80 % of skin ageing could be due to the environment.

  • The skin barrier is damaged
    Pollution increases the formation of free radicals within the body. Those free radicals create an oxidative stress that causes cellular damage. Once damaged, the skin function is altered. The first sign of skin deterioration is dehydration.


How to protect your skin against the effects of pollution?

  • Thorough cleansing to remove particles that have accumulated on the skin
  • Strengthen and restore the skin barrier with specifically formulated products rich in antioxidants, hydrating and nourishing ingredients. 
  • Choose formulations with a high content of emollient to help restore the skin barrier function and to prevent the penetration of polluting agents. 
  • Boost cell renewal.
  • Use sun protection.


All Phyt’s skin care are certified organic and formulated with ingredients of natural origin. Phyt’s Reviderm Anti-Pollution is our best organic skin care formulation for urban skin because:


  • it provides natural antioxidants (marine oligosaccharide, plant-derived Vit E, rosemary leaves)
  • it boost cells renewal (brown algae, plankton extract)
  • it hydrates the skin (aloe vera)
  • it increases oxygenation of the skin for a brighter complexion (pink pepper, plant chlorophyll)
  • it reduces the adhesion of free particles to the skin (marine oligosaccharide)
  • it protects the skin (rice extract, avocado oil, hazelnut oil)

A professional Anti-Pollution Facial Treatment is also available from one of Phyt’s stockists (check here for a list of our stockists).
Enjoy 1 hour of result-based facial combining relaxation and outstanding results. Your complexion will look more luminous and smoother.