Our face represents about 10% of the skin of our body. We take great care of the skin of our face, mainly because it is exposed and is the first thing people see about us. But what about the rest of our body – the other 90% of our skin?
Doesn’t it deserve the same attention and care? 

The first type of treatment product you think about for the skin of your face is a moisturiser.  The skin of your body needs nourishment and protection too. Moisturisers should come first because they are designed to stop moisture leaving your skin. They can also absorb water from elsewhere to keep your skin soft, smooth and hydrated.
So, give yourself a little extra time everyday to properly nourish your body’s skin.

So, nourish and replenish

Most body moisturisers in supermarkets are body lotions with a very light texture. Those are formulated to replenish your skin mostly with water, but are not always nourishing.

The skin needs hydration, nourishment, and protection – especially in winter. Moisturisers that combine water and oils (preferably plant oils) are best at hydrating the skin because oils keep the water in the epidermis. 

The best body moisturisers are also rich in essential fatty acids (EFA) that help nourish the skin.
These acids are waxy substances found within our cells, and with age, they unfortunately decrease. They act as building blocks in the skin cells. They help strengthen the epidermis for a healthy, younger-looking skin.
You get fatty acids through your diet, but topical application is an effective way of delivering them to the skin. They can be found in plant, nut and seed oils.

A body moisturiser rich in EFA (essential fatty acids) will help your skin retain moisture by adding an extra layer to the skin barrier. If you can, look for moisturisers of 100% natural origin, and if possible certified organic, to reduce the risk of compromising your health.

Our recommendation

One of our favourites is Phyt’s Nourishing Body Moisturiser (Crème Corps Nourrissante). A treasure trove of nourishing oils rich in vitamins with a warm Lavender/Cinnamon scent.
This rich body cream protects, nourishes, and soothes the skin. It restores the skin’s natural protective barrier thanks to a long-lasting nutritional balance of natural ingredients.  Very nurturing after a warm bath or shower in the winter months!

Active Ingredients:

  •   Hazelnut oil: nourishing, softening, with anti-ageing essential fatty acids
  •   Sunflower oil: rich in omega 3 and omega 6, repairs and nourishes the epidermis
  •   Sesame oil: protects and hydrates
  •   Wheat Germ oil: highly nourishing
  •   Shea butter: repairing, enriching, nourishing
  •   Lavender essential oil: soothing
  •   Cinnamon essential oil: stimulates with a sweet, warm and spicy scent

Phyt’s Nourishing Body Moisturiser is formulated vegan, and for all skin types.