Why use hand cream?

A few facts about the skin on the back of your hands:

  • it is very thin
  • it has hardly any fatty tissue
  • there are fewer sebaceous glands than on other parts of you body 

Sebaceous glands produce sebum (an oily substance) that provides lipids to the skin and helps keeping it moisturised by binding with water. A low production of protective lipids results in a weaker hydrolipid film on the skin and, consequently, in aggravated risk of the skin barrier being compromised.
In the end, your hands are more susceptible to be dry and dehydrated.


In normal times, your hands are particularly exposed to frequent washes during the day. With the current possibility of being infected by Covid-19, the current preventive message is very clear: washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is the first step in keeping you safe from bacterial or viral contamination. More recently, we have also been asked to use alcohol based sanitisers more and more regularly and, considering the context we currently face, most of us comply for the sake of our communities. The price paid by our hands is getting more and more obvious: dry, itchy, at times inflamed – because the skin barrier is weakened.  


Keeping your hands moisturised helps prevent that damaging process. Considering the aggressors we must use (soap and sanitizer), it makes sense to consider a 100% natural, certified organic hand moisturiser that will safely and effectively replenish the lost moisture and protect the skin of your hands but also your nails. 

Phyt’s Hands & Nails Cream is a certified organic formula with nourishing Hazelnut oil, protecting Castor oil, antioxidant natural Vit E and essential oils known for their healing and soothing properties: Rosemary, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Lavender. 

Apply your hand cream after each hand washing, on thoroughly dried skin, or whenever you need it. Try not to touch your skin with the nozzle of the tube to avoid contamination of the product by possible germs and microbes.