Anti-Pollution Reviderm to the rescue of urban skin

Today, the consequences of urban air pollution on skin health are increasingly recognised. Fine particles from exhaust gases and other pollutants penetrate the pores of the epidermis and cause allergies and heightened sensitivity. Unfortunately, exhaust gases only represent part of the problem: ground-level ozone, nitrogen oxides from cars, sulphur oxide and lead from industrial waste have a profound oxidative impact on skin cells. 

All this pollution, whether we spend our time indoors or outside, leads to a cascade of skin problems. Cellular turnover slows down, the complexion becomes duller, too much sebum, dead skin cells thickening the epidermis, dehydration etc. Eventually, these problems result in the appearance of pathologies such as acne or eczema, in the formation of lines and wrinkles, dark spots and premature skin ageing in general. 

If airborne pollution affects the health of your skin, there are simple and useful things you can do to not only rebalance how your skin looks and feel but also protect it effectively from further exposure and damage.
Here is how and why:

  1. Cleanse
    First, you can adopt a healthy skin care routine by cleansing your skin morning and evening with our Anti-Pollution Cleansing Gel. Please do refer to our previous blog on this exceptional product. It is one of our favourites and will leave your skin soft and cleansed from pollutants and other debris. Such a cleanse is particularly essential in the evening if you wear makeup so that your skin can breathe properly during the night. 
  1. Regenerate and Protect
    Keeping in mind the polluted environment we have in our urban environment, make sure you opt for skincare offering effective shields to protect the skin from fine particles. Our Anti-Pollution Cream has been especially formulated to revitalise, oxygenate and protect skin from exposure to airborne toxins. To reinforce the action of the cream, combine it with Anti-Pollution Concentrate.
    At night, boost the regeneration process of your skin with Anti-Pollution Serum formulated with powerful plant extracts known to fight free radicals. 
  1. Repair
    Once or twice a week, use Anti-Pollution Mask for an express beauty treatment. This mask is the perfect instant skin radiance boost for busy city people.

What makes Anti-Pollution range particularly useful at fighting pollution are the ingredients selected for their efficacy as a barrier or screen between pollutants and the skin:

  • Brown algae extract excels in that role, protecting the epidermis by   preventing adhesion of fine particles to the skin while stimulating oxygenation of skin cells.
  • Rice extract acts as an invisible shield against air pollution and boosts the defence system of cells.
  • Pink pepper extract improves skin microcirculation.
  • Finally, plankton stimulates cell renewal.

These ingredients work in synergy with hydrating Aloe Vera, brightening Acerola, nourishing Hazelnut oil and Chlorophyll of natural origin to stimulate oxygenation. 

The Reviderm Anti-Pollution ritual is simple:
– morning and evening, cleanse your skin with the anti-pollution cleansing gel
– then give your skin an oxygen boost with a thin layer of the anti-pollution concentrate.
– Complete your ritual with the anti-pollution cream in the morning and the anti-pollution serum in the evening.
– Use the flash mask one or twice a week, and voila, you are ready to face the day knowing your skin is prepared to fight back!