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Glossary of medically recognised terms relating to herbal extracts and essential oils that you might find in Phyt’s products descriptions

Antibacterial: reduces bacterial colonization Antifungal: reduces fungal spores Anti-Inflammatory: reduces inflammation or redness Antioxidant: reduces the amount of free radicals Antiseptic: controls infection Astringent: tightens or contracts tissues Bactericide: reduces bacteria Calmative: aids in calming nerves Deodorant: may help slow down the bacterial action that produces body odour Disinfectant: reduces the spread of pathogens Emollient: […]

The benefits of infant massage

According to moms and dads who’ve used infant massage, some benefits are numerous. And here’s the thing: infant massage is good for you and your baby! Here are some of the most reported benefits: Infant massage can aid a baby’s digestion, thereby reducing gas and bloating.… improved digestion. So if your baby suffers from gas, […]

Why Argan Oil is Perfect for Very Dry Skin

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree (a tree endemic to Morocco). This oil is used in cosmetics to improve the health of skin thanks to its healing, nourishing and antioxidant properties. Argan oil is relatively lightweight, so it penetrates the skin rather quickly. It is also generally well tolerated by […]

PHYT’S Certified Organic Haircare

Concerned about the use of synthetics in your haircare? The scalp is part of your skin. What you put on your hair and scalp can penetrate the skin. Sensitivities and irritations may arise when you use harsh ingredients Organic hair products are gentle and safer because they are not formulated with harsh and harmful ingredients. […]

Why do you need a nourishing body moisturiser?

Our face represents about 10% of the skin of our body. We take great care of the skin of our face, mainly because it is exposed and is the first thing people see about us. But what about the rest of our body – the other 90% of our skin? Doesn’t it deserve the same […]

Happy Feet with Phyt’s…

Often, people take care of their bodies, face and hair more than they do of their feet. But the feet are an essential aspect of our bodies and one that we should pay more attention to. Without our feet, we would not be able to perform most daily tasks. Our feet and ankles work hard […]

What happens to the skin in a polluted environment?

Ambient air contains a range of pollutants that affect us directly. When we breathe, exposure to these air pollutants gives rise to oxidative stress within the lungs.  Some pollution particles in the air around us are 20 times smaller than the skin pores. Pollution affects our skin and contribute to issues such as:    Skin […]

Collagen Boosters

In our previous blog, we explored how and why collagen is such an essential compound for the efficient functioning of our body, and in particular in our skin. Along with its partner elastin, collagen helps reduce wrinkles, keeps the skin from sagging, and increases blood circulation to the skin. It gives the skin elasticity and firmness. […]

Collagen. Why do you hear so much about it?

Where do you find collagen? If you were to try to explain to someone what your body is made of, you might say two arms, two legs, feet and hands, a head and a torso. Or, you might go to the other extreme and say that you are made up of billions of cells. Both […]

Oil to treat acne – is that possible?

Oily skin happens when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, giving the face a shiny appearance. Pores are usually larger, and as sebum builds up, the pores become clogged, leading to blemishes, spots and blackheads. Formulas with botanical oils offer a natural way to get oily skin back to good health, even if it’s […]

Avocado Oil: Nature’s most ancient health and beauty secret

There’s more to dark green, lumpy avocado than meets the eye. Well-known to ancient civilisations, this wonder fruit offers nutrition, health and beauty benefits wrapped up in one neat green package. Avocado (Persea Americana or gratissima), also known as alligator pear, is believed to have originated in southern Mexico, although fossil evidence suggests similar species […]

8 Ingredients that could be problematic for your skin

Raw egg Used as a skin tensor in home-made cosmetic treatments. BUT: Applied directly to the skin, a raw egg may contain salmonella. These bacteria could cause a skin infection later. It’s rare but not impossible. Lemon Well known for its brightening effect on the skin or to treat acne. BUT: This fruit is acidic […]

Give your feet the care they need

Most of us have a skincare regimen for our faces, but we often forget about our hands and feet. Last week, we looked at how to keep your hands youthful, and this week we will focus on how to give your feet the special attention they deserve. Your feet… a subject in itself. Would it […]

Why you should use hand cream

Most of us have a skincare regimen for our faces, but we often forget about our hands. Our hands have been through a rough year of constant washing and lots of alcohol-based sanitisers, and considering the work they do each day, it’s no wonder they seem to age faster than the rest of our bodies. […]

Is it truly sensitive skin?

Many people visit their beauty therapist, stating sensitive skin as their main skin concern. They think they have sensitive skin because skincare or household products coming into contact with their skin cause stinging, burning, itchiness, redness, or tightness. But is that truly “sensitive” skin these individuals refer to, or could it be their skin just […]

PHYT’S Body Moisturisers

The winter season is here, and dry skin is back. You are taking good care of your face and have gone back to your hydrating masks and protective moisturisers, but have you thought about taking care of your body? Just because most of your body is protected by layers upon layers of clothing does not […]

Understanding the Properties of Evening Primrose

Apart from having a wonderfully evocative name, Primrose Seed Oil (Oenothera Biennis) is a humble oil that has become a staple of cosmetics because of its various beneficial properties on health and wellbeing. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose flower, a very dainty yellow flower in spring and summer. General […]

Silicon Vs. Silicone – Which one is best for your skin?

You have probably found one of these two compounds listed as an active ingredient in skin and hair products; both are beneficial and have a wide range of applications, but one might hamper your skin health in the long run. Which one? But first, what is silicon and silicone? Are they even different? What exactly […]

How to get a radiant glowing skin?

Getting skin that looks as if you were fresh off a holiday involves time and practice – and it starts with taking the time to care for your skin with a daily routine.  During the day, when you are outside, it is inevitable that your skin is exposed to external aggressions such as air pollution, […]

Do men need facials?

If you were asked, you would probably say facial treatments are luxuries that suit only women. We hate to break it to you, but that opinion is amiss, and here is why: Facials are multi-step skin treatments designed to prevent premature skin ageing or treat skin conditions such as sensitivity, dryness, oiliness, acne, etc. How […]